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How Does the Resilient Master Plan Process Get Started?

The first step in the process was to form a Resilient Master Plan Committee to work with the consultant, the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission, who will oversee the planning process. An advertisement for committee members was placed and a number of key stakeholder groups, boards and committees were approached in order to ensure a diverse representation on the committee.

At the beginning of the Resilient Master Plan process, the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission (PVPC) and the Resilient Master Plan Committee will work together to collect data and gather community input. After community input is collected, PVPC and the Resilient Master Plan Committee will work to both analyze and synthesize the information that has been collected, creating the Resilient Master Plan document text and maps. Finally, PVPC will present the results to the community and work to have the plan adopted by the town. After the Plan is adopted, the next step will be to develop implementation strategies with a Resilient Master Plan Implementation Committee.

How Can Residents Contribute to the Planning Process?

Residents can participate in scheduled Zoom meetings, workshops, and are encouraged to take the Community Survey.


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Master Plan Contacts

Kenneth Comia, AICP Senior Planner at kcomia@pvpc.org

Catherine Ratté, Principal Planner at cratté@pvpc.org

Pioneer Valley Planning Commission
60 Congress Street – Floor 1
Springfield, MA 01104
413 781-6045