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The Resilient Master Plan Committee was formed to represent a wide range of community interests and oversee the development and the implementation of the Resilient Master Plan. The Resilient Master Plan Committee is both an advisory committee as well as a working comittee. In addition to representing specific interest in the community, Resilient Master Plan Committee members must also think comprehensively about how all aspects of the plan affect one another. For example, open space plays a role in economic development and housing: land use and housing affect transportation, traffic, and infrastructure, etc.

The Resilient Master Plan Committee consists of a diverse group of municipal officials, key stakeholders and citizens, including representatives from the Planning Board, Historical Society, Select Board, Highway and Water Departments, and Town Administrator.

RMPC Members
Chair - Mary Kronholm - Trustee, Library & Assistant Town Clerk
Vise Chair - Joann Martin - Member Recreation Committee Town Administrator Assistant
David Hopson - School Superintendent and Town Moderator
Peter Langmore - Chair, Municipal Light Board
Pat Daviau - Member, Council on Aging
Doug Emo - Maintenance of Wason Memorial Park, Veteran
Edna Wilander - Vice Chair, Planning Board
Paul Martin - Treasurer, Planning Board
Chips Norcross - Member, Historical Society
Bob Kidd - Member, Historical Society
Jen Girard - Member, Board of Health
Rene Senecal - Highway Superintendent
Gordon Avery - Water Superintendent

Margit Mikuski - Director, Council on Aging
Linda Barnard - Member, Historical Society & Commission
Cara Letendre - Chair, Selectboard
David Mottor - Fire Chief
Judith Mackinnon - Chair, Council on Aging
Nicole Daviau - Library Director
TJ Cousineau - Cemetery Commissioner
Sonja Hutchins - Zoning Board of Appeals Member
Joshua Garcia - Town Administrator
Pioneer Valley Planning Commission

Project Managers

Kenneth Comia, AICP - Senior Land Use Planner ( Land Use/Zoning)
Catherine Ratté - Section Head (Climate Adaptation and Sustainability, Resiliency)

Content Specialists
Patty Gambarini - Section Head (Economic Development)
Ted Harvey, AICP - Senior Community Development Planner (Housing)
Gary Roux - Section Head (Transportation)
Andrew McCaul - Senior Transportation Planner (Transportation)
Shannon Walsh - Historic Preservation Planner (Historical and Cultural Resources)
Ray Centeno - Graphic/Website Designer (Graphic Design and Website)
Jake Dolinger - GIS Specialist (GIS Mapping and Data)
Douglas Hall, PhD - Data Manager & Analyst (Data Manager)
Todd Zukowski - Section Head (GIS/Data and Communications)
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Master Plan Contacts

Kenneth Comia, Senior Planner at kcomia@pvpc.org

Catherine Ratté, Principal Planner at cratté@pvpc.org

Pioneer Valley Planning Commission
60 Congress Street – Floor 1
Springfield, MA 01104
413 781-6045